What is The McCann Styling Chair?


During a visit to the hairdressers, clients are often required to sit for hours on end in the same position potentially causing stress to the lumbar area of the back. Sitting in the same position can cause the client to move in the chair making the experience less enjoyable. The McCann Styling Chair resolves this problem. Our ergonomically designed hair styling chair supports and cushions the client holding them in the most suitable position for the hairdresser, thus creating a more pleasant relaxing experience with the best results.


The McCann Styling Chair has been designed specifically to keep the client’s posture correct whilst the hairdresser can manoeuvre around the client
with ease.

A well-designed chair allows the user to sit in a balanced position, and with over three years in the making the McCann Styling Chair has been ergonomically designed by experts to provide the ultimate relaxing experience for the user, so that the hairdresser can focus on the job In hand. These chairs are built specifically to keep the client comfortable and relaxed, while at the same time giving the hairdresser access to the hair while the head and body are held in a comfortable and correct position.


Designed by world renowned hairdresser David McCann, The McCann Styling Chair has not only been designed for top hairdressers of the world but also to be used as an educational tool for trainee hairdressers. Unlike traditional chairs you would have to cut long one length hair with the client in a standing position, this chair enables the operator freedom to cut one length hair perfectly in a sitting position without the back of the traditional chair getting in the way causing unnecessary graduation. Like traditional scissors we have moved to offset scissors, this chair is offset and is the future of hairdressing and a dream to work in as it puts the client in the perfect position. The client’s legs can not be folded meaning the client is attentive to the haircut which is the reason why they visit salons for a professional haircutting experience.

Please join the McCann revolution.

The McCann Styling Chair White Angled View

What features make this chair client friendly?


The seat provides the appropriate seat width and depth to support any user comfortably.


The lumbar spine has an inward curve, and sitting for long periods without support for this curve tends to lead to slouching (which flattens the natural curve) thus straining the structures in the lower spine. The design of The McCann Styling Chair gives the client lower
back support.


With the knees supported to the front of the chair clients are able to sit in a stable comfortable position for an extended period of time.


Keith Rosenberg

Keith Rosenberg


Keith Rosenberg is what is known as Hairdressing Royalty, and it’s not just from his vast experience and the impressive client list that he has had the privilege to work with in the past; there’s no doubt that he came from ‘good stock’. His mother, who sadly passed away when Keith was just three years old, was at Adolph Cohen in Whitechapel with Vidal Sassoon.

Keith’s partnership with David McCann goes back a long way, to when Keith was just 17, working together first at Sassoon’s and then at Crimpers, one of the first unisex salons to rival Vidal Sassoon. Despite being held in high esteem Keith soon got itchy feet and decided to leave David at Sassoon’s in South Molton Street while he pursued a career further afield. It has taken almost 30 years for the pair to finally reunite.

It is the McCann chair which Keith drives his energy in to these days. Having known it was always something he wanted to do, Keith reached out to his oldest friend and colleague David McCann and the pair joined forces to put dreams to reality and produce the revolutionary McCann chair, as Keith explains:

“It’s not just the way the styling chair is, it’s about the way the hair is produced. Usually a hairdresser’s chair is all about the aesthetics and can just go up and down, but this is a hairdresser’s styling chair that has been created by the top hairdressers in the world, FOR hairdressers”.

David Mccann

David Mccann


I first started hairdressing as an apprentice in a local salon on the High Street in my local town of Berkhamsted, and ended up as the general manager and Vice President of Vidal Sassoon on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

During these years I had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented individuals in a salon environment, many of whom are recognized as some of the top people in our craft today. From all of these individuals, I gained the skills and knowledge that led me to design the McCann styling chair, and it’s these people who get my thanks for getting me to this point today.

It's hard to believe that next year will be my first fifty years in the hairdressing industry. I started in the mid-sixties, which was when the revolution started by Vidal Sassoon swept the world. Traditional shampoo and set salons were left behind as everything moved to wash and wear hair and a new era of styling began. But one thing has never changed in our industry since hairstyling began and that is the salon styling chair, Up until now.

“The difference between my Styling chair and a normal salon chair, is that it allows for the natural fall of the hair, as if the client were standing up. It’s virtually impossible to sit up straight in a normal salon chair that is not designed to do that. My styling chair, while not only being comfortable, places your client in an erect position, which is the perfect position you want them in whilst cutting their hair.”

Keith Wainwright

Keith Wainwright


Keith Wainwright, aka Keith at Smile, opened 'Smile' hair salon in London in 1969 after starting the first men's department for Raphael & Leonard. Forty-two years later in 2011, while being honoured with an MBE for his contribution to the Hairdressing Industry, the Secretary of State for Culture said:

``Keith had made a significant contribution to the success of British music, fashion and design over the last 40 years``

Hundreds of celebrities have come to him over the years to have their hair cut and styled including Sir Paul MacCartney, Helen Mirren and David Bowie.

Now in semi-retirement, Keith has turned his talented eye to salon furniture, in particular McCann salon furnishings.



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